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Why can’t you make money mining cryptocurrency?

It seems like a good idea right? Leave your computer on while it does millions of calculations per seconds to find hashes that have the right number of zero’s to qualify as a valid block and get rewarded with crypto-currency for your troubles.  Turn your computer on and starting running a miner (cgminer or cudaminer) and pick a coin that doesn’t have a lot of competition, maybe smartcoin?  You join

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Litecoin mining results, is there any future for crytpocurrencies?

I have now been mining litecoin in a mining pool for about 3 days. It took  me nearly two days to setup the systems as mining requires installing special video card driver’s and API’s to support OpenCL, and Cuda for NVidea cards.  It also required installing special mining software and digital currency wallets. Sixteen hours to setup 3 computers comes to about 5 and a half hours per computer.  We

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VNetPublishing.Com Web Security Tools Cobra Released

VNetPublishing.Com has released the latest version of the popular WordPress security plugin named Web Security Tools. The plugin provides some new features, including the ability to detect and destroy new and unknown PHP virus strains along with its existing dictionary of viruses. Other new features include encryption support in the threat definition libraries, email notifications, and protection against multi-byte character encoding attacks which are commonly used in a hacking method

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President Obama Signs Law Against Independent Software Developers

Most of the world is just sitting by watching as President Obama signs into law new provisions to the U.S. patent system which could ultimately destroy the software industry (Yahoo news: Obama signs 1st major patent law change since 1952). As an independent software developer, I am constantly having to rewrite code which I’ve designed myself without the help of patents simply because someone has a patent on some piece

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The internet should be free to all, bypass those region restrictions!

ACCESS DENIED! This content is not available in your region. Well, F^ck that! Those dumb-ass home business owners seem to think that just because you’re not in the U.S. or Europe, that you aren’t human, and don’t have real money to buy their products.  While I could bring this to the Anonymous hacker group, I decided I would handle this peacefully and hit them where it hurts: public perception which

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Is Wikipedia a scam?

Many, if not most searches on Google, are going to return results from Wikipedia. The site gives an impression that it is an ‘all-user contributed content’ and that it can contain anything.  This false vision of Wikipedia was destroyed the first time I decided to offer a contribution to the Encylopedia. My first contribution was an article about VNet Publishing, a project my wife and I started, and an article about

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