Baby Milo Bugliari Doesn’t Owe the Public

It has been said that once you are in show business, that you are automatically regarded as a public property, that you are created by the public; which means you belong to the public because you owe the public. That is why we have always known every single detail of Alyssa Milano’s life: her heart aches, her ups and downs because she has always lived in a world which will forever be in the scrutiny of the public eye.

But celebrities are human beings as well and I firmly believe that they too, have the right to privacy. Honestly though, I don’t believe that they owe the public just because the public made them. They merely cater to the emotions of the masses. I believe that they became big stars by doing what they do; what they do best and are good at.

The first thing that caught my attention today when I logged in to my Tweetdeck was the tweet that Alyssa Milano made calling the attention of Mail Online. It is the website of Daily Mail which is a newspaper in the United Kingdom.

I immediately went to the newspaper site to check the article they made of Alyssa with photos of Baby Milo and sure enough, they have this article written by Leah Simpson entitled Alyssa Milano brings her charming son Milo back to work as she films new show Mistresses .

The said article showed off two paparazzi-taken pictures of Baby Milo being carried by Alyssa in the set of her new show, Mistresses.  While some celebrities deliberately flaunt their entire family in front of the glaring cameras of paparazzi, Alyssa Milano is obviously not one of them. I am a parent myself and while I can’t speak for Alyssa, I would probably feel as if my kid is getting exploited in the process.

And it is not like Alyssa doesn’t want to share this aspect of her personal life, she even makes a habit of posting photos of Baby Milo in her Posterous account. She’s sharing some of the most personal and intimate moments of her life which she captured herself for her fans and followers to take part in. But it’s a different story because it is simply just a mother’s moment showing off how proud she is of her cute little baby and not having some people sneak in and take that moment away from them and make money off of it. And this cute little baby boy doesn’t belong to the public. He belongs in the privacy of his home away from the public eye. He doesn’t owe the public anything.

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