What can possibly scare geckos away?

I have on and off visitors in my kitchen, a family of geckos. They don’t show up on a daily basis which was ok to me but recently however, they seemed to have decided they want to hang out more often! A couple of nights ago, a gecko this size (photo above) was making me uncomfortable because everywhere I went inside the kitchen, its head was moving in the same direction as if it was going to jump on me as soon as I wasn’t looking.

So I borrowed my son’s water gun as advised by my husband. When I sprayed it, it worked because the sudden splash of water probably shook it a bit. It didn’t come back for a couple of days so I was sure that I scared the hell out of it. After it ran off, I was like “Now go tell your friends not to mess with my kitchen!”

But I was wrong!

When I turned on the light last night, three geckos were parking up against the wall! Wow, whoever came by the last time must have invited some more of its friends over!

So I went and took the water gun, filled it up with water and started spraying eagerly. The sooner they leave, the sooner I can get my work done! But to my surprise, instead of running away, they just firmly stayed in their spots and licked the water off of their skin where their tongue can reach!

I was incredulous! They were obviously enjoying the splash! And it hit me suddenly! It is summer time! They must have been looking forward to getting sprayed instead of the other way around! Come to think of it, we humans go to the beach to cool off, these geckos were getting the same comfort right in my own kitchen!!!

So the whole water gun thing to scare geckos away was a failed mission. Anyone here who knows of a working tactic to make these geckos leave my kitchen off  for good? I don’t want to hurt them. I just want them to stay as far away from me as possible.


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