And the Winner for the ‘Best Leg Pose’ is …

It is amazing that one strikingly provocative pose by Angeline Jolie and seconds after, the entire world is buzzing about it. It all started at the most recent Academy Awards where Angelina flashed a lot of leg at the Golden Globes in a black gown split to the thigh.

Angelina’s rambunctious right leg has now made headlines over the world while hilarious spoof images of her limb have gone viral on the web, with bloggers and artists having fun with PhotoShop. Mashable site has captioned it “Angelina Jolie Hilariously Legbombs the Internet.” The fun or shall I say ‘mocking’ had commenced moments after Angelina presented screenwriter Jim Rash with an award onstage where he mimicked the earlier leg pose that Angie did.

However, Jennifer Aniston, who was once married to Brat Pitt for five years, didn’t make the same buzz when she strutted a similar outfit onto the red carpet at the Golden Globes two years ago. Ironically, these two ladies have both been inevitably compared to each other following the failed marriage of Jennifer to Brad in the wake of Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie which Angelina and Brad had just then filmed together.

Now if there was an award for the Best Leg Pose, who would you vote for?

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