A Celebration of my 33rd Birthday

Once again, I’m starting this blog entry by saying the usual “I’m back!” the kind of opening I would normally do when making a comeback after a long while of not updating my part of the blog site. Lucky for me, Ralph has been tremendously busy combating hackers who practically did some serious damage to our server that got him to make a couple updates here.

Oh well, it is now 2012! Happy new year everyone! Looking back, 2011 has been an important year in making me permanently adjust to being married! Ralph and I have been married for two years now. I think I can pretty much say I know my husband completely; I know what makes him scared, I know what makes him cry and most importantly, I know that facial expression he does when he’s telling white lies lol.

2011 is also the year that marked my realization of who my real friends and families are. You know you can have people you’re connected to by blood, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re connected to you at times when you need understanding and not judgment. I guess things do happen for a reason and God certainly made a lot of storms come my way last year so I would see the real people I should be celebrating my remaining years with. God is so good!

Ralph and I went to Bacolod for a lot of important things on my birthday. We had our breakfast at McDonald’s. We were, in fact, the last people to avail of their breakfast meal before they changed the menus. My husband had always wanted to eat breakfast at McDonald’s but we’re always leaving Hinigaran so late that we’re always just in time for lunch.

I realized after the breakfast that McDonalds McMuffin is not really to die for! I didn’t drink my coffee as my stomach gets upset when I’m traveling. Ralph took his and, despite my warning, he did stay in SM’s comfort room for fifteen minutes :).

After McDonald’s, we headed straight to the Bureau of Immigration for Ralph’s annual check-in. The staff there are still the same as last year so we didn’t go through all the trouble of introducing ourselves all over again. The immigration check-in only took less than twenty minutes. We then went to see Dra. Guanzon at Fortune Care for my very first session of the Cervical Cancer Vaccine. She had suggested that I take the shot knowing my family medical history, a bloodline full of cancer!

After the 2:30PM appointment at the Hall of Justice where I bumped unto an old friend, Jojemar, Ralph and  I finally had the time to actually celebrate my birthday! My sister-in-law, Mary Rose Buenconsejo Navarro and I had already made plans a couple of days before. She came to meet up with me in the Hall of Justice and we were dropped off by our lawyer at SM where her mother, Tita Linda and her two other kids were waiting.

My niece who’s studying in La Salle, Cindy was supposed to join but we weren’t able to stay long enough to see her ‘coz she still had a class. She did arrive although we were already heading in different route at the time. My other niece who wasnt there, Ann-Ann , is studying in a different province.

We had the grandest time ever. It seemed like the December 29 gathering we had in Hinigaran wasn’t enough to catch up for the lost times. It was also a great birthday for me. Ralph bought me an Interior Design book that I picked out at the bookstore. I’m into this kind of thing.

I was at the point of calling it a day when a commotion happened later that night. Apparently, some people who got nothing better to do concocted a story which completely deviates from what had actually taken place inside the Hall of Justice Mediation Center. It’s amazing how a disturbed mind can make an imagination seem real to tell people it  occurred when it was just all in her head.

But that didn’t really ruin my birthday. I’m glad to have spent a good portion of it with my real and legal family members.

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