The Effect of an Eight-Hour Brown-Out

Today has been the longest day of my life! There was an eight-hour brown-out due to a power-line problem along the Reclamation Area. The power went out around 9 AM. Waking up prior to the brown-out, everything was just as it should be. I first headed straight to the bathroom which was inside Ken’s room. When I went out, I remained standing outside the door for about fifteen minutes, just gazing at his room decoration which I proudly worked on a couple of days ago in the midst of his sickness when suddenly, the electric fan went out, turning his emergency fan on. It was a brown-out!

I was becoming more and more worried each hour the power still didn’t resume. If there was something Ralph was furious about, it’s not being able to work in his computer. You know him, he lives and breathes with it. He usually gets up from bed around lunch time and I was praying that the power comes back before noon so I wouldn’t have to hear him yell and whine. Our source of income comes from the internet. No power means no connection… which also means… no money :( .

Came lunch time, the sporadic rains and thunderstorm put Ralph in an extended sleeping mode which was such a relief! However, when the rain went away and the heat substituted, Ralph finally got up, learned about the brown-out and started cursing NOCECO. Ken, my son, joined in on blasting NOCECO as he’s been waiting to play on the computer since he woke up.

With Ken’s nuisancy and his cousin Adrelle there in the room, Ralph and I just later found ourselves drifting away from the brown-out issue. We even joined in on the kids’ jokes. Ralph also taught Ken minor Taekwondo.

With the discomfort due to the increasing warm temperature, Ralph and I excused ourselves to take a shower hoping that by the time we get out of the bathroom, the power would be back and that we can finally use our respective computers. Unfortunately, I had to dry my hair using a paper fan because power was still not back! We then lounged back in the bed with the kids, napped a little bit and played our mobile phone’s  java games. Ralph was trying to beat my high score in Galaxy Balls but wasn’t really successful (of course I was praying he wouldn’t beat it). And to prove that I’m really good, I tried to beat the score that he just made but didn’t get to because Ralph asked me to make him Tuna Sandwich (Yeah, I can be painfully competitive sometimes).

While I was making the sandwich, the power finally came back! I yelled for Ken not to go near the computer because I know that the minute he gets his hands on it, he won’t let go anymore! I heard Ralph say “Did you hear that? Mama said not to touch it!”

Now that I’m back in my table and writing this, I realized that we haven’t really had that much time with each other and to our kid for quite some time. It was refreshing to laugh and play games together. I guess there’s a bright side to dealing with the agony of waiting for the power to come back. Oh well, the effect of an eight-hour brown out wasn’t so bad after all!


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