Regarding Rudylyn Tan

I received a devastating news from a good friend from Mandala, Luzviminda Tangso. I just kinda read her Facebook status one time that mentioned the name Rudy which was followed by a question asking “What’s gonna happen to her son now”? The first thing that came to mind was “Andrew’s probably sick!” Andrew is Rudy’s only son and is one of my son’s friends on Facebook. I didn’t try to inquire more because I assumed whatever it was, I’m sure it was nothing major. I have always known Rudylyn to be strong. It took the next day for me to actually find out what really happened.

Lot-Lot Tangso (Luzvinminda) happened to be online that day and I just thought I’d check in on her. After the usual hi and hello, I suddenly remembered to ask about her previous day’s status mentioning Rudylyn. And then she dropped what seemed like a bomb that caught me by surprise! Rudylyn, as I gathered, suffered from a paralysis (unsure whether it was paraplegia or hemiplegia) caused by a car accident. Lotlot said she got the news from a certain Nikolai whom Rudylyn used to work for. After recovering from lil bit of shock, I managed to ask what Rudy’s number was, unfortunately, Lotlot didn’t have it. After the chat, I made attempts contacting other common friends for Rudy’s number but to no avail. Then I got a message at Facebook from my former manager, Ms. Dang Romero, asking me information about what really happened. Rudy and I both come from the same province so it was natural that they all assumed I’m the first to know. I told her that Rudy’s town is far from where I am. She said she’s been trying to call her cellphone, tried texting several times but no response at all. With that, I managed to ask for the number and gave her a promise that I will keep her updated if ever I do get to hear from her or the family.

Until now, I still have not received a response from the calls and texts that I made, just like Ms. Dang. I theorized that maybe she lost her cellphone during the car accident and no one bothered to check it due to the severity of the situation. Now if that was true, the only way I can really get in touch with her is by going to her house in Talisay which is far from Hinigaran.

I already informed a couple of friends about the accident. Honestly, I still can’t believe that she had a car accident and that she’s allegedly paralyzed. Paralyzed….. so hard to believe. At one point, I considered that maybe it’s really not true. Maybe she only had a bruise from a minor accident and someone just magnified it. But then again… what’s in it for the person who blew the news out of proportion if ever there was one? It just didn’t make sense at all.

Oh well… I just hope Rudylyn’s in a manageable condition. I sure hope it’s not worst than what we already heard.

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