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    Regarding Rudylyn Tan

    I received a devastating news from a good friend from Mandala, Luzviminda Tangso. I just kinda read her Facebook status one time that mentioned the name Rudy which was followed by a question asking “What’s gonna happen to her son now”? The first thing that came to mind was “Andrew’s probably sick!” Andrew is Rudy’s

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    Hoping against hope…

    Come 26th of October, Ralph and I will celebrate our 11th month of being married. I can still remember the time when we were very worried about the idea of me getting pregnant so soon after the wedding ‘coz of Ralph’s major transition into the country at the time. However, things have gone really well

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    It is now 12:36 AM and I’m still up. I did make an attempt to go to sleep earlier however, flashes of previous scenes from the movie Apocalypto seemed to linger in my mind. The movie is a bit old, year 2006 that is. I don’t usually like non-English speaking movies, but my curiosity about

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